What is Dukaan App? How to Earn Money From Dukaan App?


Hello friends, my name is Shivam Mishra, so welcome to my website, so today I will tell you what this Dukaan App is and how you can earn a lot of money from Dukaan App can share this article with me. I stayed till the end. Friends, think that you have a shop and there should be a platform through which you can sell any item of your shop online, just like Flipkart and amazon, yes friends.

In today’s article, you will find such a great app. I will tell you through which you can sell your shop’s goods online, your shop will be of any kind, such as a general store, grocery store, clothing store, shoe shop, or any other.

What is Dukaan App?

So, friends, this Dukaan App is a Made in Indian app which was founded by Sumit Shah, a young man living in Maharashtra, friends, this Dukaan App is an app with the help which you can easily bring your shop or store online and You can also manage it easily, this is a very great app, in this app you have to list the products of your shop, after listing the product, your online installments will be ready and you can sell your shop items online at a good price.

How To Download Dukaan App?

So friends, now many people must be thinking that from where we can download this Dukaan App and whether this app is safe or not, then friends, I am very happy to tell you that you can download this Dukaan App. You can easily download it from the play store and this app is hundred percent safe.

Best Features of Dukaan app?

  1. First of all, Dukaan App is a free platform, in this, you do not have to pay any kind of charge, this thing makes this app the most special.
  2. Friends, this Dukaan App has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in the Play Store, such a good rating tells that this app is good, no eCommerce store has such a high rating
  3. Friends, on this Dukaan App, you get to see updates every week, which makes this app, even more, special and secure.
  4. Friends, you can easily download this Dukaan App in Play Store with 1 click.
  5. Friends, the Dukaan App interface is very good, you will not have any problem using this app.

How To Create an Account on Dukaan App?

  • Step 1- Enter your mobile number and click on Start
  • Step 2 – Enter the shop name and category and click on Finish
  • Step 3 – Your shop is ready now you have to add the product

How To Earn Money Dukaan App?

1. By increasing the sales of the shop 

So, friends, you can earn up to 50% more money by increasing the sales of your shop with the Dukaan App, you have nothing to do, you have to list your shop’s goods on Dukaan App at a higher price, as the soon as friends you can download your goods in Dukaan App. But if you list, many customers will come to your online store and shop and buy the same, your profit will be huge and you can easily earn more money.

2.  Dukaan App Referal Program

Friends, you can also earn referrals from this Dukaan App, this Dukaan App has come just a few days ago, that’s why this Dukaan App is giving you a chance to earn a lot of referrals, you can earn Rs. You do not have to do anything, you have to go to your Dukaan App, there you have to take your referral link and share it with your close friends, it can earn more than ₹ 100 on your referral.


So friends, in today’s article, I told you what is this Dukaan App and how you can earn money from this Dukaan App, I hope you must have liked this article of mine if you liked this article of ours today. So do not forget to share it with your close friends or relatives so that they can also know about this app and bring your shop to the online store. If you have any questions related to the article, then definitely our team will do its best to answer your question in the comment section below.

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