How To Earn Money From Moj App & How to get a gift from MOJ app?


Hello friends, my name is Shivam Mishra, so welcome to my website, friends, today I am going to tell you that the moj app has moj, how to earn money from you and how to get free gifts from the moj app, so today I am going to tell you all this. If I am going to give information, then you stay with me in this article till the end.

What is Moj App?

Friends, in India and China dispute, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, which included the tik tok app, so just the copy of the same is the moj app, basically, moj app is a short video creator app in which you can make 20 seconds of video and you become famous with it, this moj app gives you a chance to make 20 seconds video and you can earn a lot of money from it.

How to download Moj app 2022?

So friends, a lot of people must be thinking that how to download and where to download this Moj app, then I am very happy to tell you that you can download this Moj app very easily from the Play Store or One-click download from Apple Store. You did not face any problem in downloading the Moj app, you can easily download it.

  • First of all, you have to go to Google Play Store.
  • Now you have to write Moj app in the search box, now you will get to see this app at the top, whose developer’s name will be share chat.
  • Then you press the Install button.
  • This app will now begin to download to your phone, after which it will be installed.

How to get a gift from the Moj app in 2022?

Moj application that you people know that many people have received gifts on Moj and many people are going to get gifts and get them, people get a question that how many followers get gifts in moj app | Here let me tell you a small thing that it is not necessary that you should be a good follower on moj app.

it is not essential that your video is going viral and your videos are trending, then you will get any gift after that. Not needed but only your hard work is seen and according to that hard work the moj app takes care that you may need these things if you are working hard on it, for example, I am sitting here making a funny video But the background behind me is absolutely useless.

now my video goes to you, so what do you see in it, whose acting is excellent So how good it would be, then at that time the people of Moj think that why don’t we give it a background as a gift, then people get gifts on such Moj app.

How to earn money with Moj App

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Post 
  • Collaboration
  • Promote Other Moj User

How to keep the private account in the MOJ app?

So friends have come on the mobile screen and many of you have come to me with comments, they have asked me to make my account private on the moj application, tell me or make the video private, and tell me if any video is mine. If I can make it private, then let’s talk about this, then I will show you all in practice how you can make the account private or not on the moj application, if I will tell all the information in schools, then stay in the arctic till the end.

Now friends, what you have to do here first is, you have to come to your account, after coming on the account, as you come to your account, but what is your account is visible, first of all, let’s see here by making the account private. Whether you can make it private on any other application, then here friends will click on setting, then friends will see here, there is no option to make the account private anywhere, Privacy policy, term, and condition of language, from here you can check your profile If you want to make your account private, you can use it on any other app.

Which languages does the Moj app support?

So, friends, many people have this idea in their mind, which languages does this moj app support, so I am very happy to tell you that it is fun, it is an Indian app, and there are about 15 main languages ​​in India, so many Supports all languages You can easily make videos on moj in your mother tongue and earn lakhs of rupees with the help of this app

How many seconds of video can I upload on the Moj app?

So, friends, there will be a doubt in the minds of many people that how many minutes of video can we upload on this Moj app, so friends, as you could upload a video of up to 1 minute in Tik Tok, it is not there at all. In this Moj app, I can upload videos of a maximum of 15 to 20 seconds. You cannot upload videos for up to 1 minute like tik tok in this Moj app, this is the biggest disadvantage of this app.


So friends, in today’s article I told you what is Moj app and how you can make money with the help of this app and how you can get free gifts in this app, I hope you like this article of mine today. You must have liked this article, if you like this article of ours, then do not forget to share it with your close friends so that they can also get information about this Moj app if you have any questions related to our article. Do let us know in the comment section below, we will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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